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Shimul Javeri Kadri, Founding Partner, SJK Architects

IndesignLive, July 2024

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Shimul Javeri Kadri on the panel discussion for the Buone Nuove round table discussion on 'Critical Practices'

Stir World, June 2024

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"Colour drenching can go a long way to give your space a sense of gravitas and bring it together in an efficient manner.", says Roshni Kshirsagar, Partner, SJK Architects.

Architectural Digest, May 2024


'Sustainability is just not a trend but a fundamental aspect of our practice at SJK Architects' says Sarika Shetty in a keynote session

Businessworld, May 2024

Elle decor- Penguin
Workpace- Penguin

Featured in Top 50 design visionaries of India

Architecture+Design, May 2024

Boat Club Apartments featured on Arch Daily

Boat Club Apartments by SJK Architects

Arch Daily, June 2023

Architectural Digest - Make your home summer-ready with 5 easy tips

Vaishali Mangalvedhekar on making homes summer ready

Architectural Digest, June 2023

Hotel at Bodhgaya featured on Elle Decor

Hotel at Bodhgaya by SJK Architects

Elle Decor, June 2023

Partners at SJK Architects featured in the 40th anniversary edition of the Architecture+De

Partners at SJK Architects featured in the 40th anniversary edition of the Architecture+Design Journal

Architecture+Design, April 2023


SJK on AD 100 list 2023

Architectural Digest, March 2023


Shimul Javeri Kadri: 'All good architects have a little schizophrenia'

Firstpost, April 2023


SJK Architects' design for the flagship store of Forest of Chintz

Surfaces Reporter, February 2023


Roshni Kshirsagar shares insights on her signature style

Commercial Design, November 2022


Leading Indian Architects pick their Favourite building in India 

Shimul Javeri for Dezeen, 9 January 2023


Roshni Kshrisagar on Forbes India's 'Top 30 under 45 list'

Forbes India, January 2023,


Sarika Shetty on the panel at IIA Natcon 2022 

January 2023, Chattiagarh, India


Vaishali Mangalvedhekar on the panel at Jaipur Architecture Festival

Novemver 2022, Jaipur, India

Home & Design Trends_Trends Excellence Award 2022_November 2022.jpg

Vaishali Shankar on cover of Trends Vol 10 no. 5 

Home & Design Trends India, 2022


In conversation with Sarika Shetty on Designing in-house restaurants the right way 

Hotelier India, November 2022

merit list.jpeg

Vaishali Mangalvedhekar For India Today

January 2023

Shimul and Sarika as mentor at Crossroads 2022 

Young Architects Festival at Calicut, October 2022, India

Sarika Shetty on the panel for The Merit List Seminar

16 October 2022, India


SJK Architects shortlisted for the HOT100 

Architect and Interiors India, October 2022


E-Publication: Gujarat's stepwells find a modern interpretation at this new lifestyle store in Mumbai

Forest of chintz

Architectural Digest, 9 April 2022, India

Hotel at Bodhgaya by SJK Architects.png

Hotel at Bodhgaya by SJK Architects 

Arch daily, 30 May 2022, India


Publication - Handmade dreams 

Forest of Chintz

Elle decor, April/ May 2022

Rethinking future FOC.png

E-Publication: A seamless blend of Minimalism and Glamour 

Forest of Chintz by SJK Architects

Stir world, 07 May 2022, India


Hotel at Bodhgaya by SJK Architects embodies the tranquil spirit of Buddhism

Stir world, 07 May 2022, India

Architect and interiors india april-2022.jpeg

Publication - Two paths one way

Architect and Interiors India, April 2022


E-Publication - Lifestyle for Forest of Chintz

Architectural Digest, India, 9th April 2022


'Marasa Sarovar Premiere' A hotel inspired by Buddhist philosophy in Bodhgaya

Buildofy, April 2022, India


Roshni Kshirsagar featured as India’s Top 50 Under 40 Architects and Designers 

Architect and Interiors India

July 2021

Goodhomes BCA.png

E-Publication: Boat Club Apartments by SJK Architects 

Good Homes,16  August 2021.

Rethinking future BCA.png

E-Publication: A testament  to urbanisation in India

Boat Club Apartments by SJK Architects 

Rethinking the Future, 2021.

E-Publication- Boat Club Apartments, Chennai

Home & Design Trends

Vol 9 No 3 2021

archlive bodhgaya.png

E-Publication: Hotel at Bodhgaya by SJK Architects 

Architecture live, 22 April 2021.


Publication - AD 100 win, 2021

Architectural Digest, India

AD 100 2021.jpg

E-Publication - Architecture and design for Bodhgaya

Architectural Digest, India, 9th November 2021


Publication - Architecture and Design for Hotel at Bodhgaya

Architectural Digest, November 2021, India

Hotel at Bodhgaya featured on Conde Nast Traveller.png

E-Publication - Hotels and Homestays Hotel at Bodhgaya

Conde Nest Traveller, India, December 2021


Marasa Sarovar Hotel features in Design Flashbacks 2021

DSGN arcHive, February 2022, India


Publication - From Colleagues to Partners 

Surfaces reporter, India, February 2022


Shimul as Keynote speaker at National symposium 2022 

Feminist collective in Architecture, March 2022

Arch live BCA.png

E-Publication: Hotel at Bodhgaya by SJK Architects 

ArchitectureLive!, 24 March 2021.


Publication- Architecture and Design for Boat Club Apartments, Chennai

Architectural Digest,27th May 2021

rethinking future bodhgaya.png

E-Publication: An Ecologically sustainable and contextual resort 

Hotel at Bodhgaya by SJK Architects 

Rethinking the Future, 2021.

Publication - AD 100 win, 2020

Architectural Digest, India

Arch live school blog.png

E-Publication: Beginning anew- a joyful reimagining of our buildings as schools!

ArchitectureLive!, 30 December 2020.

hotelier bodhgaya.png

E-Publication: Hotel at Bodhgaya by SJK Architects 

By Hotelier India, 30 January 2020.

Speaker at CreativeMornings

Held at G5A, Mumbai on 18th January 2020


Moderator at Panel Discussion : Lighting as a Tool in Art, Architecture and Culture

At The Economics Time ACETECH, 8 November 2019

IIA Calicut SJK Architects

Interaction with Shimul Javeri Kadri

Presented by IIA Calicut August 2019

CTES Lecture SJK

"10 Learnings from 30 years of practice"

By Shimul Javeri Kadri & Vaishali Shankar 

Held at CTES College of Architecture- 9 August 2019

mint school blog.png

E-Publication: Reimagining schools for the future

mint lounge, 31 January 2021.

Screen Shot 2020-08-05 at 10.06.32

Webinar- 'Insights on Collaboration'

By Acedge, 25th July 2020,

Unbuilt- Jain pathshala.001.jpeg

Publication: Jain Pathshala

Featured in print issue of Unbuilt India, 16 January 2020

Panelist at Women in Design 2020+

By Women In Design 2020, 8 January 2020

Keynote Speaker at Engage 2019

By IIA Odisha on 15th November 2019

A meeting of visionaries

Cover feature in Trends Magazine- 9th Anniversary 2019


Speaker at BIS Talks

Held at Bombay International School, December 2018

Automobile Design Studio- India Today October 2018
April 2018 talk.jpg

Panelist at Past Forward Shimul Javeri Kadri

Held at CSMV Mumbai, April 18, 2019.

5-Dasavatara Hotel.jpg

Publication- Dasavatara Hotel

Featured In World Architecture Magazine - February 2019

The Mood jpeg.jpg

Publication - The Mood: Shimul Javeri Kadri

Featured In Architectural Digest- March 2019

Archello SJK Architects

E-Publication Archello

For The Leaf House, 2019

Speaker at Avani Annual Lecture 

Held at Avani College of Architecture, Calicut- 1 August 2019

E-Publication - Automobile Design Studio

Featured In India Today Magazine - October 2018 

Architect of the Month- April 2018

E-Publication - Architect of the Month

Featured In India Today Magazine - April 2018 

Archdaily SJK Architects

E-Publication - Jain Museum in Koba, Gujarat.

Featured In India Today - May 2018 

SJK Architects Dezeen

E-Publication - Synergy Lifestyles 

Featured In Dezeen - April 2018 

E-Publication - Bellad & Co. Head Office, Hubli

Featured In ArchDaily - March 2018 

Architecture school tirupati.png
bi tirupati.png

The Dasavatara Hotel by SJK Architects 

By Building and Interiors, October 2017.

Publication SJK Architects

Publication - Dasavatara Hotel

Featured In Insite Magazine - December 2017

SEA Converstaions

Speaker at School of Environment and Architecture 

Held at SEA, Mumbai, India -  January 19, 2018

DH tirupati .png

Of designs rooted in nature & culture

The Dasavatara Hotel by SJK Architects 

By Deccan Herald, June 2016.

archello tirupati.png

The Dasavatara Hotel by SJK Architects 

By Archello, 2017

RF Tirupati .png

An Architectural representation of Lord Vishnu 

The Dasavatara Hotel by SJK Architects 

By Rethinking the Future, 2017

decoist tirupati.png

Opulent splendor at foothills of Saptagiri

The Dasavatara Hotel by SJK Architects 

By Decoist , 2017

The Dasavatara Hotel by SJK Architects 

By Architectural Design Scho, 2017

LiveMint Article

E-Publication - Shimul Kadri's Wardrobe

Featured In LiveMint - Nov 2017

Sarika Shetty

Sarika Shetty featured as one of the 50 next generation architects

Architect & Interiors India, March, 2017 

Women Architects in India

Speaker at Women Architects in India : Book Launch

Held at Goethe-Institut, Mumbai, India -  April 26, 2017 

Indian Architectural Motif

Iconic Indian Architectural Motifs 

E - Publication, Architectural Digest, February 21, 2017

Architect and Interiors India

Conversation with Shimul Javeri Kadri

Featured in Architect and Interiors India - February 2017 issue

India Arch Dialouge
SJK Architects Archdaily

E-Publication - The Dasavatara Hotel at Tirupati

Featured In ArchDaily - February 2017 

Shimul Javeri Kadri

Interview with Beautiful Homes (online magazine by Asian Paints)

Featured in the '5 minutes with' section - January 19, 2017

Speaker at India Arch Dialogue 2017

Held in New Delhi, India - February 10, 2017

Domus 2016
Prix Versailles

Lotus Cafe at Tirupati

Prix Versailles 2016 Award

Cover Feature

Domus, August 2016

SJK panelist at Art of Architecture 2016

Panelist for The Art of Architecture 2016 Conference 

Organiser: Australian Institute of Architects, held in Townsville (Queensland)

In Conversation with Shimul Javeri Kadri

Featured in Deccan Herald - June 10, 2016

Guest of Honour at Women Architects Symposium

Women's Festival 2016, held in Holon, Israel

Top 100 Architects India

Featured as one of the top 100 Architects

Featured In Architect and Interiors India - March 2016

Art, Fashion and Kala Ghoda

Column for LiveMint

E publication - LiveMint August 2016

LiveMint Shimul Javeri Kadri

In Conversation with Shimul Javeri Kadri

Featured in LiveMint - June 01, 2016 e-Paper

Guest of Honour at SMM College of Architecture, Nagpur 

Women's Education Society - March 2016

FutureArc 2016

Automobile Design Studio 

Featured In Future Arc - January 2016

Home & Design Trends

Dasavatara Hotel (Hotel Design)

Featured In Hospitality section in Home & Design Trends Vol 3 No 8 - January 2016

Winner of IIA Awards for Exellence in Architecture 2015 

Won in Infrastructure and Industrial projects category for Automobile Design Studio


Automobile Design Studio 

Featured In Domus - October 2015

Archdaily SJK Architects
SJK Architects Publication

Guest Columnist - Luxury Issue

Featured In TRENDS MAGAZINE - Vol 2 No 6 2014

Interactive courtyards

Conversation with Shimul Javeri Kadri

Featured In ANTARYA - November December 2014

15 Architects and Interior Designers 2015

15 architects and interior designers in 2015- names that are as inspiring as they are influential.

Featured In CASA VOGUE INDIA - August 2015.

50 most influential names in Architecture

The 50 Most Influential Names in Architecture & Design For 2015 (Top 50 Architects)

Featured In AD 50 Reinventors - March April 2015

50 Influential Architects

The 50 Most Influential Names in Architecture & Design For 2015

Featured In AD 50 Reinventors - March April 2015

Heritage Restoration Mumbai

Ethics of Design

Featured In Domus - April 2015

In Conversation with - Mondo Arc

Featured In # 03 2015 

E-Publication - Automobile Design Studio 

Featured In ArchDaily - August 2015 

SJK Architects- The Hindu 2014
Nature Nurtured

In Conversation with - StyleSutra


Interview with Shimul Javeri Kadri

Featured In THE HINDU - October 2014

World Architecture News SJK Architects

Interview with Shimul Javeri Kadri

Featured on World Architecture News - March 2014

A short film about us

Made in-house

Evolving Courtyards

IIID BRC Event, 2014 at Bengaluru



Watch the movie


Interview with Shimul Javeri Kadri

Featured on Swades on Zee TV Business

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