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Shimul Javeri Kadri

Founding Partner

Shimul Javeri Kadri is the founder of and partner at SJK Architects along with Vaishali

Mangalvedhekar, Sarika Shetty and Roshni Kshirsagar. Founded in 1990, SJK Architects is a Mumbai-based collective of 30+ built environment professionals, working with clients and collaborators all across the country. They design spaces that are meticulously crafted from a study of climate, culture, history, and technology – each unique to the place and its people.

Shimul’s need for clarity drives her approach to design. Research, analysis and multiple approaches that can resolve a client's aspirations (which she defines as the patron and society at large) are the starting point. Her ultimate goal is to transcend these through innovative thought and rigorous detailing. She studied urban planning in order to help her understand the dismal state of housing in Mumbai. This proved to be an exploration of the global politics of race, class and gender. Her focus on an equitable society still informs her work and choices, as is evident in her affiliation to causes related to education and women.

Shimul has built the practice over 32 years with careful consideration of the values she holds dear. She chose to steer the practice towards meaningful architectural projects by creating a loyal base of delighted clients that returns with growing aspirations and projects until today. She believes strongly in the potential of every human to thrive in the right ecosystem. This has led to a highly interactive atmosphere in the studio and a collaborative approach to projects. The studio became a partnership firm in April 2022 and hopes to continue the journey by providing young talent with the opportunity to have a voice and a stake in the firm.

In 2014, for her contribution to architecture, Shimul was one of three finalists and received a

special mention at the prestigious ArcVision Prize - Women and Architecture (Italy), also referred to the “Pritzker for women”

Beyond her architectural practice, Shimul is on the Advisory Board of  Vipla Foundation. This Mumbai-based non-governmental organisation works towards education and development for vulnerable children.  The Foundation has worked on over 65 projects running across 18 states of India, where they were able to reach a total of 10.37 lakh children in 2020. Additionally, Shimul is on the Advisory Committee for Gender at the MCGM (Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai), leading to the incorporation of the first chapter on gender in the

Development Control Rules of Mumbai 2034. She is also on the Board of Trustees for Akshara, an NGO that works to empower women and girls. Shimul’s engagement with women’s issues began with feminist theatre through her college years and into teaching Women’s Studies at University in the USA. Her alignment with the work and values at Akshara has led to a 20-year-long engagement in their strategies and goals. They have had much success with creating cultural change with youth through Yuvati melas (youth fairs) and with combating violence through police helplines.


Vaishali Mangalvedhekar



Vaishali Mangalvedhekar is a partner at SJK Architects, along with Shimul Javeri Kadri,

Sarika Shetty and Roshni Kshirsagar. Founded in 1990, SJK Architects is a

Mumbai-based collective of 30+ built environment professionals, working with clients and collaborators all across the country. They design spaces that are meticulously crafted from a study of climate, culture, history, and technology – each unique to the place and its people.

Vaishali’s alma mater, Sir JJ College of Architecture, established in her a great love for details and a strong technical foundation – this is a big part of her DNA.  She has been deeply drawn to sustainable architecture and worked on a research paper from IIT Mumbai on climate and energy-conscious architecture.

More than 2 decades of being at SJK Architects and growing from a junior architect to a partner at the firm has been enriching for Vaishali. Through this journey, she has led teams of talented architects to create award-winning projects pan India and has gained experience and expertise across several sectors, from education to commercial offices and hospitality. Some of her favourite projects have been – an automobile design studio for M&M, a hotel at Bodhgaya that is steeped in Buddhist principles of serenity and compassion, a factory at Karur where entire vaults were constructed with terracotta hollow blocks for insulation and educational buildings in Warangal that rely almost completely on wind and shade to create comfortable environments for social interactions. She is currently working on a multi-use commercial building in Nagpur that uses radiant cooling systems and aims to achieve a Leeds Gold rating. Vaishali believes that her greatest strength is in forging strong collaborations between her team at SJK Architects, clients and consultants, and channelizing the synergy and joy these bring into the project.

While SJK Architects takes pride in creating climatically sustainable architecture, Vaishali’s current obsession is to assess if all their projects can be even lighter in their impact to the environment – she dreams that every single building that is ever put on earth is net-zero and totally circular!


IMG_0025 (1).jpg

Sarika Shetty


Sarika Shetty is a partner at SJK Architects, along with Shimul Javeri Kadri, Vaishali

Mangalvedhekar, and Roshni Kshirsagar. Founded in 1990, SJK Architects is a Mumbai-based collective of 30+ built environment professionals working with clients and collaborators across the country. They design spaces that are meticulously crafted from a study of climate, culture, history, and technology – each unique to the place and its people.

Sarika joined SJK Architects in December 2001 while still in college, and there has been no looking back since then. With 20+ years of rich experience, Sarika’s work cuts across multiple scales and building typologies, and diverse sites and clientele. She is passionate about cultural histories and believes in an architectural practice of contemporary idioms guided by the past.

Over the years, Sarika has led several award-winning projects at SJK Architects, setting benchmarks in context-driven, sustainable design in the country and across the globe. These include the Dasavatara Hotel (2015) in Tirupati, India, which draws inspiration from the crafts and culture of the holy city; the Boat Club Apartments (2020), which set a new precedent of apartment-living in the residential locality of Chennai; and more recently, a 100-Bed Rural Multispeciality Hospital (2022) in Alibaug, India, designed to create an environment of calm and healing.

Sarika strongly believes that with the right attitude and immense passion, any challenge can be created into an opportunity. Her constant endeavour to learn and improve at every stage, from sketching that first line on paper to ensuring the quality of execution on site, drives her and her team at SJK Architects.

Sarika’s quest for learning and exploring also translates into her love for the wilderness and bird-watching. When away from work, she can be found trekking and exploring the jungle with her teenage daughter.


Roshni Kshirsagar



Roshni Kshirsagar is a partner at SJK Architects along with Shimul Javeri Kadri, Sarika

Shetty and Vaishali Mangalvedhekar. Founded in 1990, SJK Architects is a Mumbai-based collective of 30+ built environment professionals, working with clients and collaborators all across the country. They design spaces that are meticulously crafted from a study of climate, culture, history, and technology – each unique to the place and its people.

Roshni’s journey at SJK Architects began in 2007 after an internship with Samira Rathod, where she built her foundation in detail-oriented design. From her first project at SJK Architects, a small dining area in the heritage precinct of Mumbai, to leading interior design for the latest Penguin Random House office, she has worked through several prototypes and scales of projects. More recently, for the Hotel in Bodh Gaya and the Retail Store for Forest of Chintz, Roshni let cultural histories guide the core design principles while allowing honest thought processes, materials and craftsmanship to shine.

Roshni is conscious of the relationship between interior design and architecture, and strives to find a seamless connection between the two. She aspires to refine her practice through research, innovation, cultural context, and local techniques that have stood the test of time, along with modern technologies to build spaces that enrich human experiences and relationships with their surroundings. For her contributions to architecture and design, Roshni was selected amongst India’s Top 30 Under 45 design disruptors by Forbes magazine in 2023.

Roshni has also taught a course on ‘Design Approaches’ to senior year architecture students at Rachana Sansad, Mumbai. She loves working around the kitchen, experimenting and adapting heirloom recipes that have inspired her family’s cooking style.


Michelle Pereira

Team Lead

Michelle holds a Masters degree in Environmental Architecture from the University of Nottingham, U.K. in 2010 and a Bachelors degree from Academy of Architecture, Mumbai in 2009. She joined SJK Architects in December 2010 as an Architect right after college and has been an integral part of the office for 7 years. During this period, she has been a significant part of various projects such as the Dasavatara Hotel, Office for Synergy Lifestyles, Kalachowki and also played an active role in various competitions that the office has participated in.


Michelle took up freelancing while raising her 4 year old son and has rejoined us since April 2022 as a Team Lead. She is working on the Hotel at Hampi and the expansion of the Automobile Design Studio in Mumbai.


Michelle also leads the archive team who curate and document a bank of design details that the office has developed across the projects over the years.


Travelling to offbeat places, cycling, exploring different cuisines & cultures and baking are a varied list of her interests!

Anushri Nivin

Team Lead

Anushri graduated from Kamla Raheja Vidyanidhi Institute for Architecture (KRVIA), Mumbai, in 2006. She was at SJK Architects from 2006 to 2009 as an Architect. Post a sabbatical and two kids she has rejoined us from January 2022.

Currently she is working on a multi level single family home in M
umbai along with S.R. University sports block and dining block. She has contributed significantly to projects such as S.R. University campus master planning, water conservation project at Nagaon Alibaug, completion for Hampi Tourism nodes, JSW visitor’s centre at Hampi and 50 houses Alibaug.

Anushri also leads the efficiency and software team, a team dedicated to keep the office tech and people up to date with all the latest tools & trends in the industry. A person of varied interests, she is a true hedonist at heart. Loves to travel and explore spaces and cultures through the local food. She has a 9 year old daughter and a 6 year old son who make for perfect partners in all her food adventures. 


Nikita Shahdadpuri

Senior Project Lead 


Graduated from Academy of Architecture in 2015, joined SJK soon after in 2016. Being born and raised in Mumbai, she is conscious of the importance of outdoor time which inspired her to start an independent cycling initiative in 2018. Post which she rejoined SJK. Since then has been involved in residential projects in Latur and Nagpur and is currently working on a retail project in Goa.


She has previously worked on Synergy Lifestyles Mumbai and Boat Club Apartments Chennai.


Apart from Architecture, she is interested in Gardening and experiments with growing some of her own vegetables. Currently she is exploring various methods for drying and preserving techniques for botanicals.

Ahanta Ganti

Senior Project Lead


Ahanta's keen interest in working on climate responsive projects which adopt unconventional construction techniques and materials is what brought her to SJK in 2021. Embodying these very principles, she's currently leading a residential and training centre project in Alibag and the Courtyard house at Latur.

A cynophilist at heart, her other passions include music, writing and travelling with a view of imbuing local architecture.
She believes that architects have a social responsibility to contribute and integrate environmental and spatial elements for a sustainable living.


Priyanka Dalvi

Project Lead

Priyanka completed her post-graduation in Interior Architecture from CEPT, Ahmedabad, in 2020. She joined SJK Architects in October 2022 as a Project Lead Architect and currently handling a Hotel project in Hampi. She is also an active part of our Awards Team.

Previously, she has worked on commercial, Residential and Hospitality projects. Apart from work, she has a strong interest in exploring different cultures through travel and she enjoys staying up to date with the latest trends and developments in finance and technology.

Harshini Yohee

Senior Project Architect

Harshini graduated from RV College of Architecture (RVCA), Bangalore, in 2016. She worked in SJK Architects for two years, then rejoined the firm in April 2022 as a project architect after working in Auroville for a year.


She has contributed significantly to projects such as JSW multispecialty hospital and the buildings at SR University, Warangal. She is also a part of our archiving team.


Her love for travel, photography and trekking has helped her cultivate an exploratory attitude in design.


Divya Gyanchandani

Senior Project Architect

Divya Gyanchandani joined SJK Architects in 2021, formerly working for a small scale Mumbai based firm. She graduated from SEA- School of Environment and Architecture in 2019. Working at SJK Architects has ameliorated and enhanced her architectural capabilities with respect to design, minute detailing and execution of a large scale building. She has been working on a multi-storey commercial office project at Nagpur and has been exploring vectorworks as a part of the software and efficiency team at SJK.


In her leisure time, she loves to bake and experiment with different cuisines and styles of cooking.

Vaishali Panchal

Project Architect

Vaishali graduated from L.S. Raheja School of Architecture in 2020 and joined SJK Architects in October 2021 with previous work experience.

She has been part of multiple projects which includes a High-end residential project in Nagpur, an exhibition design competition and currently working on an office interior project in Bangalore. She is also leading the SJK Graphics & Communication design team.


Apart from her interest in Architecture and Design, she enjoys digital sketching and explores the neighborhood through cycling.


Saivi Shah

Project Architect​

Saivi graduated from the Kamla Raheja Vidyanidhi Institute of Architecture and subsequently joined the office in 2021 as an Architect, after having previously interned with the firm in 2019. She has been involved in multiple projects at the firm ranging from institutional, public and residential, and leads the SJK Website Design and SEO team. She is currently working on a multi-storey single family home in Juhu, Mumbai and public pavilions situated amongst holy temples on the Shatrunjaya Hill in Palitana, Gujarat.


Her interests lie in exploring the intersection of architectural practise with urban design, planning and public policy. In her spare time, she is usually seen painting canvases, exploring neighbourhoods or expanding her linguistic repertoire!

Tanvi Namjoshi


Tanvi graduated from ISDI, Mumbai, in 2021. She joined SJK Architects in September 2021 as a Junior interior designer. She leads SJK's Instagram account along with being an active part of the content team. She has worked on multiple projects, including House at breach candy, Jain Museum at Koba, Office for Penguin Random House, and SJK's studio.


While design is her main interest, she also enjoys reading, photography, and being an animal rescuer.


Alisha Jain


Alisha has graduated from School of Environment and Architecture (SEA) in the year 2022. She joined SJK architects right after her graduation as an architect. She is an active part of the events team within the firm. She has contributed to projects such as Awas house, Alibaug and Courtyard house in Latur.

She is passionate about research, design and reasoning. She has keen interests in graphics, animation, writing and storytelling.


Her thesis titled ‘Reclaiming Urban Grounds’ which is an inquiry and intervention into the redeveloped residential urban fabric, was a part of various forums and discussions within the city.

Shreya Gupta


Shreya holds a B.Arch degree from Balwant Sheth School of Architecture,NMIMS, Mumbai. She practices design with SJK Architects, and has primarily worked on a multi-storey commercial office building in Nagpur.  


Shreya is actively engaged with the SJK blogs and writing. She enjoys reading and travelling in leisure time!


Tushara Mahesh


In 2022, Tushara completed her studies at RV College of Architecture in Bangalore and subsequently joined SJK in February. During her tenure at SJK, she has actively participated in projects such as Awas in Alibaug and been part of competition project.

Her areas of passion include , graphics, and art, and she has a particular interest in exploring culturally significant spaces. She also finds joy in expressing her ideas through sketches and diagrams, which enable easier comprehension for others

Rupali Koli

Organizational Ninja

Rupali joined SJK Architects in July 2013 as an administrative assistant, with no exposure to the architectural profession.


She now plays the role of front desk executive and is the life support for the functioning of the office! An excellent administrator, she is the first point of contact for business guests, consultants and vendors. Rupali juggles the demands of twenty high energy professionals with charm and efficiency.

She has a genuine interest in smoothening lives within her sphere of influence and organises everything from schedules, travel and meetings to fun office parties, drawing from local restaurants and internet menus to keep us all well-fed and happy.


Vijay Sakpal

Model Maestro

Vijay joined SJK Architects in June '2004.

Vijay helps arrive at design conclusions by making as many study models as the process requires. The final model is made by Vijay with such dedication and finesse that many designs have won immediate approvals because of the clarity with which the models have conveyed design intents.

Now he also makes terrific 3D computer models and is able to render them in Photoshop, but as an office, we favour his physical models over all things virtual. Vijay has a sense of zeal for everything he does and succeeds in infusing the entire office with this feeling. He is also a perfectionist in every little thing that he does.

Soni Solaia

Joy Maker


Soni has been with SJK Architects since Oct 1999. Soni has been taking very very good care of the entire team and all the guests for many years. Her ever-smiling face and helping hand fill you with warmth.


In all her 21 years at SJK Architects, Soni might have taken maybe one day off! Her punctuality and commitment inspire all and she has a special place in SJK Architects!


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