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International Office of Migration

We were commissioned through a rigorous process of selection as the only Indian architectural practice to participate in an invited competition for the Office Headquarters of the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) - located in the UN district in Geneva, Switzerland.


The International Organisation for Migration (IOM) is a leading intergovernmental organisation in the field of migration and is committed to the principle that humane and orderly migration benefits migrants and society. They work to protect, support and empower communities displaced or stranded by crisis, help build resilience and focus on reducing disaster risk so that movement and migration can be a choice.

Forest of Chintz
Mumbai, India

Sometimes, a little project, one you never dreamt would encounter water seepage and a pandemic, emerges from a chrysalis to become a butterfly.
The challenge in retail is to let the design be the backdrop for the product while also being a protagonist. After all, everyone loves a great store.
But does it showcase the product or shout it down?

Hotel at Bodhgaya
Bihar, India

Bodhgaya - where the Buddha received enlightenment; one of the holiest and oldest sites of pilgrimage for the Buddhist world. Our hotel – gently uses the vocabulary of brick details from the Buddhist trail - vaults to corbelled arches to stepped jambs that soften the edges of buildings and make them welcoming and timeless. Replete with courtyards and water bodies that play with the sunlight – stained concrete vaults and keyhole windows  create dancing shadows and a lasting emotion of serenity and surrender

01 North facade - 2021-02-26.jpeg
Commercial Office
Nagpur, India

We received the Nagpur Office project with a simple brief- to create a design centred around social gathering spaces and green pockets. 

With a brief of this nature and reasonable building by-laws, we have been able to add balconies, deep projecting terraces- promoting outdoor spills while simultaneously shading the facade from the hot climate. The North, which remains well-shaded through the year and forms the front face of the building, has been carved in to create a courtyard with an amphitheatre at its base, and small projecting meeting rooms and pocket terraces on the floors above.

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