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The Boat Club Apartments awarded Projects by Merit list

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 The Boat Club Apartments in Chennai, designed by SJK Architects has been termed as the Citation Project by The Merit List for redefining urban living. This building containing 4 duplex apartments 

 TML stated that  “In a market that is littered with excessive materiality, quick-fix technology and questionable quality of construction, the Boat Club Apartments / Villas in the Sky attempt to set a precedent for the potential for architecture to make a good impact through visual clarity and employment of the design acumen. In a greater context, for a typology that has a large audience, SJK Architects have been able to create a good benchmark and a distinct experience and therefore, the Boat Club Apartments / Villas in the Sky in Chennai is a Citation Project for The Merit List.”

The Merit List [TML] recognises the best projects of critical relevance in the context of contemporary architecture of India. They venture beyond the concerns of form and space and engage with the potential of the rich landscape, often curating projects that are complex and multidimensional addressing issues that push the boundaries of programmatic frameworks.

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