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Yamini at Khar
Retail Interior Design I Mumbai, Maharashtra

Client Yamini Interiors Pvt. Ltd.

Area 1,000 Sq. ft

Status Completed 2005

Team Shimul Javeri Kadri, Vaishali Mangalvedhekar, Rakhi Modi

The “contemporary earthy” white and grey contexts begun with the Bangalore Yamini was purposefully continued here.

Yamini Stores at Khar was our third project for the brand. It came on the heels of a beautiful standalone building in Bangalore that reverberated light colour and elegant details that allowed the earthy yet contemporary product to remain the protagonist. Here we had a space with a low ceiling, darkness, and a shoestring budget as well as a beam running through the centre dividing the space into two unappealing parts!

Our interior design was to celebrate this split with a highly flexible and versatile unit that pivots and slides while the display along the walls follows the earlier prototypes of civil shelves with brickwork and stone. The unreachable space above the display was opened up to relate to the minimally available greens outside. Details in the aluminium reception table and the invisible toilet contribute to the sense of contemporary design that the brand exudes.

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