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The Leaf House
Residential I Alibag, Maharashtra

Supported by angled steel columns, the concrete roof canopies shelter all five rooms, which include four spaces surrounded by glazing and an open-air living room bordered by a lily pond and pool.

Area 6,500 Sq.ft
Status Completed 2012
Photographer Rajesh Vora
Team Shimul Javeri Kadri, Vaishali Shankar, Roshni Kshirsagar, Sonali Bhargava, Priya Dedhia, Foram Vakani

Our project – to create a family home of 650sqm on a 1.3-acre plot of land at the base of the hills, but far removed from the sea.  Land lush with the native coconut, mango and neem trees, and peers up at the sunrise on the eastern hills above it.  It was a beautiful property – we wanted to include the hills and trees and the gentle winds – the leaves strewn over the earth were the perfect cues.   The form of the leaf – gentle but sloping was perfect and our very first sight of the plot yielded a site plan made of dried leaves.  The Client enjoyed the idea of pods – overlapping but distinct, to house each part of the home, and the journey between pods, to be sculpted open space encompassing native trees.


The house began as an exploration of natural forms, built and designed to sit in nature.  It encountered the manmade constructs of doors, windows and domestic gizmos - the orthogonal products of an industrial economy.  Navigating and refining this encounter, into a serene and natural environment for a family to live in complete comfort, embedded in nature, was the challenge of this project.



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