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Hotel at Bodhgaya amongst the Top 3 finalists at Surface Design Awards, London for Exterior Finishes!

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The 80 keys Hotel at Bodhgaya, stood out as one of the Top 3 finalists among 160 entries from 20 countries, for the Exterior Surface of the Year Award at Surface Design Awards, 2024; highlighting its recognition for sustainable architecture & design excellence on a global scale.

For the Exterior Surface of the Year category, judges were captivated by the shortlisted project Hotel at BodhGaya and commented

“The shadows, the lights, it's so playful and I think it’s a space you can experience in multiple ways. The two primary architectural melodies of memory and emotion are used in each hotel room to symbolize the principles of Buddhism. The traditional elements of Buddhist architecture evoke the first one, memory. All of the hotel's areas include vaults, corbelled arches, and stepped jambs reimagined in a modern style that is both nostalgic and functional.”

The Surface Design Awards are an annual event that honors outstanding surface design in architecture and interior design projects embracing a diverse array of categories. These awards celebrate exemplary design accomplishments in both the interior and exterior environment, acknowledging innovative and sustainable projects that deliver compelling messages. The finalists stand as beacons of creative ingenuity, spotlighting a global tapestry of visionary design excellence. These awards establish a standard for international achievements in architecture and design with a significant emphasis on sustainability.

To know more about the project, visit : The Hotel at Bodh Gaya

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