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Lotus Cafe awarded the Prix Versailles,Paris 2016!


The Lotus Cafe of the Dasavatara Hotel at Tirupati, has been granted the Prix Versailles,Paris 2016 award under the Restaurants category, for being one of the finest contemporary projects worldwide.

The Lotus Cafe is the all-day dining space, embodying simplicity & divinity. With its design inspired by the serene lotus floating in a pond, the cafe provides a tranquil environment for guests to immerse themselves in the spiritual essence of the surroundings, drawing on craft, mythology and symbolism to manifest its unique form.

The Prix Versailles, hosted annually at UNESCO since 2015, highlights the finest contemporary architectural projects globally. A world jury selects 24 World Titles across categories like Airport, Museums, Hotels, etc. Recognising innovation, cultural heritage and sustainability, these awards honor projects that embody intelligent design principles, ecological efficiency, and social engagement aligning with UN values.

To know more about the The Lotus Cafe, visit : Dasavatara Tirupati

Source : Prix Versailles | 2016 Edition


Prix Versailles Special Prize 2
For The Dasavatara Hotel

Prix Versailles 2016
For Lotus Cafe