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Mangrove Interpretation Centre 

Architecture for a Museum in Alibaug

PROJECT AREA:   8,500 sq.ft    |   Ongoing


JSW proposes to build an Interpretation centre for Mangroves, at the Dolvi site proposed for a Secondary Care Rural Community Hospital. To the west of the Hospital Cafe, is a small trapezoidal parcel apportioned as a garden and the attempt of the Mangrove Interpretation Centre is to scoop itself into this garden, to create an engaging story depicting the importance of Mangroves as a sequester of carbon, thus creating an inspiring platform for its awareness and share JSW's contribution towards its conservation.

The design attempts to scoop into the earth with gallery spaces arranged underground, skirted by stairs and connectors on the periphery that in-turn form experiential spaces, suffused with daylight via skylights in the roof.

The curatorial story brings in the visitor into a light filled Reception area @ Plinth level, wherein he/she is oriented and via a lift/staircase, the visitor moves down 2 levels to reach the Mangrove Forest experience via a long dark corridor ( @ Level -2).
From the Mangrove Forest experience, the visitors travel up their way through the JSW conservation story to reach the auditorium ( Dome Theatre ) @ Level -1. From this level, one treads up via the Fauna/Flora exhibit & terminates into an amphitheatre and garden courtyard @ Level 0 with the Resource centre & back into the Reception to complete this looped story of experiencing Mangroves.

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