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Hotel at Bodhgaya was awarded the Kyoorius Design Award 2021


The 80 keys Hotel at Bodhgaya,  received the baby elephant award at the Kyoorius Design award 2021 for mapping an evocative journey through the structure. This was an award for Graphics and signage in collaboration with Oases Design.

We carefully curated all the wayfindings and signages for the Marasa-Sarovar Premiere, which is a unique thematic hotel in Bodhgaya, which welcomes Buddhist pilgrims and visitors from across the world.The hotel interpretes  the Vajradhatu Mandala and the five wisdoms of Buddhism – Abhaya, Dharmachakra, Varada, Dhyana and Bhumisparsha. This is expressed sensitively with stone signages and copper inlay. Mudras or hand gestures representing each wisdom were also cast in copper and expressed throughout the space.  The hotel’s architectural style draws inspiration from local architectural elements, materials and techniques that results in minimal and meditative spaces across the complex. 

The Kyoorius Design Awards aim to create a truly neutral and transparent platform to reward the best in Indian design. It recognises and awards the most outstanding work in Indian design, including Architecture, Interiors, Communication Design, and Product Design.  The Kyoorius Design Awards accepts entries under five awards, including Architecture, Communication Design, Interiors, Product Design and Design For Good. 

To know more about the project, visit : The Hotel at Bodh Gaya

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